Whaler's Tavern

Open daily at 11:30 am, serving food late night.

Waterfront Eatery

We're Open for the Season!
Thurs-Sat. 11:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 11:30am - Dusk

Dive Bar

Open Sun-Thurs 11:30-11; kitchen and bar open till 12.
Fri and Sat 11:30-12 ; kitchen and bar open till 1.

Quahog Republic

The story of the Quahog Republic started with a chance meeting of native Cape Codder Erik Bevans and wash-ashore Tom Hughes, as they dug for quahogs in Popponesset Bay. Noticing the wash-ashore’s full basket, Erik began chatting with Tom. Though impressed by his quahog-digging abilities, Erik couldn’t help but cringe every time Tom said the word “Quahog.” He could dig them, but he sure couldn’t pronounce them correctly (pronounced co-hog for those of you who don’t know).

What started as one kid impressed by another’s full basket of quahogs turned into a lasting friendship—two great friends growing up fishing, quahogging, boating and swimming together on the beaches and waters off Cape Cod and learning to live, give and relax in their everyday lives.

Their friendship has evolved from two kids living the Cape Cod dream to what has now become the Quahog Republic.

Close your eyes and remember when YOU lived the Cape Cod dream. When you escaped for even an instant. Let the Quahog Republic bring you back to that special place. Let the Quahog Republic remind you how to “Live, Give and RELAX.”

Best lobster roll in New England

An article from The Culture Trip

Quahog Republic Dive Bar named one of the Top 50 Dive Bars in the U.S. by Yahoo Travel:

Quahog Republic Dive Bar named Best Bar on Cape Cod in Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston 2015” round-up:

Quahog Republic Lobster Roll selected as one of the Cape’s Best by Cape Cod Travel Guide:

Quahog Republic named one of the Top 10 Best Places to go for a cup of chowder:

Quahog Republic Dive Bar ranks on Destination Infatuation’s “Where to Eat & Drink on Cape Cod” list:

  • Quahog Republic Waterfront Eatery

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  • Quahog Republic Dive Bar

    97 Spring Bars Road
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  • Whalers Tavern

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