The Quahog Republic's LIFE Scholarship Fund is a scholarship awarded annually to one or more Falmouth High School seniors.

This is not your typical scholarship! The LIFE Scholarship is not academic-based. In traditional Quahog Republic fashion, it is based on life experiences and how students plan to incorporate our -Live-Give-Relax- mantra into their future plans. The scholarship may be used to help pay for books or tuition at college, to backpack around Europe before going to school, for gas money to make a trek across country, or to travel overseas to perform charity work for those in need.
The Quahog Republic understands that education happens in a number of different ways, and we encourage the next generation to find their individual path in life.

The Quahog Republic life scholarships are awarded each spring. Funds raised for the scholarship come from our annual Hog Off Fundraiser at the Quahog Republic Dive Bar, held every Spring.